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Clinical Trial Portfolio Websites

The comprehensive solution for educating, engaging and enrolling participants across an entire clinical trial portfolio

Lead the charge for robust clinical trial education and engagement with a dedicated website that fosters dialogue, community, trust and participation around your clinical trials. Built with input from patients and underpinned by a globally compliant data analytics platform, our comprehensive digital experiences reflect your commitment to transparency while ensuring visitors can intuitively find, share, enroll in, or keep in touch about relevant clinical research opportunities

Healthcare professional and patient using the Clinical Trial Portfolio Website for trial education and information.

Build bridges to clinical trials for all

People’s willingness to participate in clinical research has significantly decreased from 85% in 2019 to 49% today. With clinical trials increasing in complexity and patients’ unique needs evolving, every decision and connection matters. 

For website visitors

Gain a better understanding of clinical research: how it works and how to get involved. Intuitively match, locate, and prequalify for relevant trials or explore trial documents. Join a sponsor’s community to get tailored disease and trial information.

For trial sponsors

Increase clinical research transparency and access with patient-friendly education and accurate trial information. Manage trial documents, website performance and engagement programs through a central data analytics platform. Empower patients to easily match to relevant trials, take next steps in their journey, or keep in touch.

What's included
Empower patients 

Amplify education with patient-friendly pages dedicated to the diseases and research you champion. Create new pathways for patients to discover, match, qualify, locate and enroll in trials. 

Build and communicate with your own community

Prevent drop-off with the option for engaged patients to sign up for your community. Foster trust with timely and relevant notifications to members about planned or active trials in a HIPAA/GDPR-compliant way.

Boost patient centricity and trial transparency

Guide patients across the entire clinical trial life cycle with educational content and a digital experience that is developed with patient input and aligned to your branding. Eliminate manual updates with automatic data sync from or TrialScope Disclose and host trial documents too.

Operationalize engagement and enrollment at scale

Create an ecosystem of collaboration by managing all engagement and recruitment programs through a central HIPAA/GDPR-compliant data analytics platform. 

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
Our patient engagement and recruitment experts have decades of experience in all aspects of clinical trial education and enrollment. They are patients, caregivers, developers, strategists — and they come together to accelerate your research timelines.

With our network of vetted recruitment partners, we are able to extend our expertise well beyond our own staff’s capabilities. We bring you the best-of-the-best, so you can meet enrollment goals and expand the diversity of your clinical trials.
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