Global Patient Insights

Easily locate sites with clinically relevant and diverse patient populations

The industry’s most comprehensive view of the worldwide patient landscape

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Global Patient Insights seamlessly integrates real-world data (RWD) on patient population and diversity with Sitetrove’s best-in-class site and investigator intelligence. This robust dataset enables study sponsors to select the best possible geographic locations, sites, and investigators for their clinical trials.

The patient data you need, all in one place

When it comes to patient data, there’s no dearth of information. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The challenge a study sponsor faces is accessing and sifting through disparate data sources to reveal the sites and investigators with the most relevant patient populations for a given trial.

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Clinical trial sites


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How it helps

Clinical trial planning is a complicated process, one that is made more complex by obstacles standing in the way of patient data, such as privacy concerns, fragmented data sources, and discrepancies across geographical regions. Once patient data points have been curated, they still must be linked in order to paint a complete picture.

Global Patient Insights removes existing barriers and silos, integrating multiple sources of patient data to provide you with the information you need ― in a single platform ― for optimized site and investigator selection.

How it works

We start with Sitetrove’s massive database, spanning over 60,000 sources and continually updated. On top of that we layer RWD on patients in the US and beyond. The icing on the cake is site-level OUS patient counts, sourced from 20 countries and updated on a regular basis. The result? An unmatched set of data from which you can hand-pick the sites and investigators best suited for your trial.

Why it matters

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration is requiring sponsors to submit diversity action plans for Phase III or pivotal trials. Use of RWD helps sponsors to identify geographical areas with underrepresented patients. Social determinants of health (SDOH) are also critical, as socioeconomic and other demographics help determine pockets of patients with unmet needs.

With Global Patient Insights, you can discover diverse patient populations that will inform future trial phases and inclusion/exclusion (I/E) criteria, and impact diversity plans. By fine-tuning your site and investigator selection, you will avoid missing enrollment targets and incurring associated costs.

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MAY 15, 2024
Use Case

Global Patient Insights Use Case

Global Patient Insights helps prioritize and enable sponsors to reach diversity enrollment targets.

MAY 15, 2024
Informational Flyer

Global Patient Insights Flyer

New feature takes industry-leading solution Sitetrove to the next level.

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MAY 15, 2024
Press Release

Citeline Introduces Global Patient Insights

Citeline announces the launch of Global Patient Insights, the industry’s most comprehensive view of the worldwide patient landscape.

What's included

The power of Sitetrove

Our Sitetrove database boasts over 530,000 investigators and more than 190,000 clinical trial sites spanning 185 countries.

Real-world patient data, at your fingertips

Access crucial datasets and let us do the heavy lifting ― we’ve seamlessly integrated the following patient data into our platform: US medical claims and SDOH data; OUS EHR data; global diversity and census data; and epidemiology data.

Dynamic visualizations

Analysis is easy at the country, site, and investigator levels with data displayed in dashboards, results tables, and engaging heatmaps.

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