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Clinical trial feasibility and site selection analyses are a vital part of successful clinical trial planning. Leveraging the best data to determine your country-site-PI footprint is arguably the most important single factor when it comes to achieving enrollment within projected timelines and ultimately securing the results needed for evaluation against your endpoints.

At Citeline, we are proud to offer a solution that enables the full feasibility and site selection workflow from clinical trial landscapes, site and investigator experience and history, and knowledge of relevant patient populations for your protocol.

Discover how we put data at the heart of your decisions and support you in successfully delivering a trial that can run on time, on budget and without the need for costly, avoidable protocol amendments or site expansions.

Conduct feasibility and select sites and investigators that put your trial on the path to success

With protocols becoming more complex and an increasing number of trials competing for the same pool of patients, site and investigator selection can make or break a trial. How do you ensure that your selections are giving your trial the best chance for success?

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Sitetrove is globally recognized as the finest site and investigator intelligence platform available and, when combined with Trialtrove’s unmatched trials database, can help provide invaluable insights.

  • Make robust feasibility analysis with benchmarking available across a database of over 400,000 trials.
  • Identify sites and investigators with experience of recruiting similar patients.
  • View country selection with a high number of sites/investigators with prior experience.
  • Analyze patients being targeted by competing trials.
  • Integrate data into your own systems via API.
  • Bespoke consulting projects such as feasibility as a service, which leverages real-world data to find sites with protocol-matched patients.
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Citeline supports drug development every step of the way

Trialtrove and Sitetrove are hailed across industry as being the best resources available when it comes to protocol optimization, feasibility and site - investigator selection, but we don’t stop there – Citeline can support you at every step in the drug development journey.

From preclinical commercial and licensing, all the way through to patient engagement - recruitment and regulatory submissions – Citeline has a solution for you.

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