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HCP Awareness

Real-world data and a global network of healthcare providers combine to boost trial awareness

Go beyond your traditional workflow by activating multiple channels for health-care providers to find your clinical trial and get targeted support to enhance trial planning, awareness and execution. Citeline Connect combines the power of real-world data with a global network of health-care providers to identify the best physician audience for your trial. Our team of Clinical Research Managers also work hand-in-hand with you to implement and manage an optimal outreach strategy.

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Engage where your target physicians collaborate

Only 0.2% of physicians refer patients to clinical trials, even though 91% would share trial information with their patients. With almost half of the public willing to participate in clinical research, driving awareness among physicians can ensure potential participants discover your trial.

Find more qualified participants

Citeline Connect HCP Awareness services use real-world data and an opted-in network of 1.7 million health-care providers in the US to help you strategically target the right patient populations.

Further your reach

Access a worldwide audience through our extended network of global physicians spanning across therapeutic areas. Leverage these audiences for advice on strategic planning, to optimize your protocol design, or to prequalify new investigators or sites.

What's included
Raise trial awareness

Engage and educate a targeted HCP audience, which is prioritized based on patient proximity and volume. Differentiate your study from other enrolling trials with direct one-to-one HCP communication.

Identify investigators and sites

Tap into physicians outside of your traditional network. Prequalify investigators and sites that reach eligible participants for your trial.

Gather study design recommendations

Leverage physicians’ expertise to guide strategic planning and protocol design optimization.

Lean on a dedicated team of CRMs

Rely on a team with extensive site management experience who can help you develop and execute an outreach strategy or relay critical project updates.

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
Our patient engagement and recruitment experts have decades of experience in all aspects of clinical trial education and enrollment. They are patients, caregivers, developers, strategists — and they come together to accelerate your research timelines.

With our network of vetted recruitment partners, we are able to extend our expertise well beyond our own staff’s capabilities. We bring you the best-of-the-best, so you can meet enrollment goals and expand the diversity of your clinical trials.
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