Primal Pictures

Powering, Primal Pictures is the only complete and medically accurate digital human 3D model based on real body scans and imaging data. For more than 30 years, our pioneering and award-winning software has been used by millions of educators, students and practitioners in over 1,500 institutions across more than 150 countries.

Preview of Primal Pictures accessible on multiple digital devices.

Primal’s learning solutions meet the needs of any educational program

Primal helps establish a comprehensive foundation in anatomy and physiology of the whole body from gross to microanatomy, including their relation to disease and clinical conditions - and even biomechanics.

  • Interactive 3D models - Guided textbook-style learning and narrated animations
  • Specialty content - e.g., midwifery, speech and language, chiropractic and audiology
  • Save, download and integrate content - Quick and easy embedding into LMS systems and other learning material
  • Self-assessment - Quizzes, modules, tools
Preview of the various 3D models available with Primal Pictures.

Heighten engagement and improve outcomes

Primal's best-in-class products engage and inspire, answering the need for better understanding of human anatomy to promote and advance health science and medicine. Primal's learning solutions meet the needs of any educational program with an anatomy component, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy/rehabilitation, occupational therapy and sports medicine.

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