The industry-leading suite of global clinical trial investigator and site intelligence

Built by experts for experts, Citeline’s Sitetrove uses a proprietary algorithm to prioritize clinical trial investigators with the right experience, location, availability and patient pools. Sitetrove’s best-in-class platform drills down data from over 500,000 investigators and more than 190,000 clinical trial sites spanning 185 countries to help accelerate study cycles and mitigate risk.

Identify the sites and investigators that will help propel your trial over the line

Running a clinical trial is hugely expensive, so avoiding additional costs from unnecessary protocol amendments is a priority. With the leading cause for avoidable amendments being poor enrollment, selecting the right sites and investigators gives your trial the best possible chance for success at the planning stage.

Digital map showcasing the reach of Sitetrove, providing data from trial sites across the globe.

How it helps

Utilizing Sitetrove’s intuitive interface combined with its industry-recognized, best-in-class database, allows you to quickly build targeted searches to make data-driven site and investigator selections.

Understanding where they are located, their past experience, current workload and their access to relevant patients is key to making decisions that can help your trial hit enrollment targets, as well as achieving the most positive possible outcomes.

How it works

Sitetrove’s team of expert analysts curate data from over 60,000 sources resulting in a database that boasts over 530,000 investigators and more than 190,000 clinical trial sites spanning 185 countries. This data is continuously updated and reviewed by our team, allowing for not only historical analysis of experience but also a current view.

In addition, proprietary algorithms assign each investigator a tier based on your requirements, taking in to account workload, experience and other factors - allowing for further prioritization of search results.

What's included
Successfully conduct site selection

Sitetrove’s database of over 190,000 clinical sites is extensive and each site record provides detailed information on that site’s affiliated investigators as well as trial experience – both historic and ongoing. And with seamless linking between Sitetrove and Trialtrove (via the unique TrialtroveID number) you’re just one click away from getting extremely detailed information on those specific trials.

Successfully conduct investigator selection

Combining our comprehensive database of over 530,000 investigators (each of which have their own record containing; their trial experience, related sponsors and affiliated investigators) with our proprietary investigator tiering and real-world patient proximity data, Sitetrove is the best resource to select investigators that will give your trial the very best chance of success.

Inform successful country selection

By providing access to the number of sites and investigators in a particular country and combining that with past experience and related trial outcomes (with extensive detail available by seamlessly linking to Trialtrove) Sitetrove can play an important role in selecting the most appropriate countries to host your trial in.

Get direct access to our leading expert analysts

Our Ask the Analyst (AtA) service is second-to-none. Giving every subscribing user a direct, unlimited link to our therapeutically aligned expert analysts, means that for every question you need support with or additional background information you require – you can go straight to the source and get detailed responses that will further support your decision-making and analysis.

Sitetrove Diversity Module

Hit your diversity goals faster by identifying experienced investigators with clinically relevant and demographically diverse patients, with Sitetrove Diversity Module.

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Our data is curated by the industry’s largest team of therapeutically aligned, expert analysts, making Citeline the most trusted source of R&D intelligence on the market.

Our analysis, insight and consultancy services span drug, device, company, clinical trial and market intelligence. And because our approach is interconnected, our analysts can give a broader perspective, identifying disruptive events, and in turn, helping you spot opportunities and mitigate risk.

No other company can boast our level of expertise and we are proud to be able to pass on the benefits of the approach we take to data collection, curation and analysis to our customers.
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