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Bring our data to your systems.  Citeline Informatics Solutions transform how you access information and make critical business decisions, delivering trusted data on your terms, the way you want it.

Use more of your valuable time where it matters and get actionable insights that inform your decision-making with the exact data you need – on demand and on your terms.

Citeline APIs and Custom Analytics help you replace your current workflow of manual data gathering, manipulation and visualization which is not only time consuming but also places you at risk of making uninformed decisions.

Our API ecosystem provides direct access to the Citeline data universe, enabling faster data integration in the applications you use to make strategic decisions and opening up analytics opportunities to meet the challenges of clinical trial development, competitive intelligence and global feasibility. 

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Trusted accurate data delivered on your terms

Use API Solutions from Citeline to:

  • integrate our data assets with your sources of information to understand the complete market landscape
  • deliver this information to your end-users in real-time through your internal or third-party applications enabling them to make timely and informed strategic decisions
  • automate your processes to dynamically receive accurate data and save valuable research time
  • focus on specific business questions by querying for targeted results and insight

Use Custom Analytics solutions from Citeline to:

  • provide you with personalized analytics solutions that answer your specific business questions
  • generate powerful insights and analysis without the need for time-consuming manual data collection
  • track and monitor industry landscapes more accurately and identify opportunities
  • deliver real-time, data-driven dashboards to your key stakeholders covering the drug development pipeline, clinical trial landscapes and market forecasts
What's included
Citeline APIs

APIs from our Citeline suite of solutions cover clinical trial development, competitive intelligence, feasibility, drug profiles, drug pipeline development and investigator/site identification.

Drug Development API

Drug development pipeline intelligence and global trends from Pharmaprojects.

Events API

Integrate impact events, catalysts and time-series relationships into your own systems.

Forecast API

Understand and validate market size and potential to make informed strategic portfolio decisions.

Custom Analytics

Significantly reduce time and effort by automating manual data processes.

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With more than 500 subject-matter experts in key global markets, Citeline is poised to help life sciences organizations make informed business decisions. Our expertise runs the full gamut of the drug development life cycle, from clinical planning and regulatory to patient engagement and recruitment.

Our solutions and services are backed by skilled developers and analysts who not only aggregate clinical data but understand how it impacts our clients’ business on a daily basis.
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