Feasibility as a Service (FaaS)

Optimize and accelerate clinical trial feasibility by leveraging a combination of industry-leading Citeline data, real-world patient data and actionable insights derived from our team of industry expert analysts - enabling strategic data-driven decision-making.

Citeline consulting expert providing actionable  insights on feasibility activities.

Optimize and accelerate your feasibility activities today

A tailored approach to study feasibility

Whether you are tight for time, don’t have the necessary bandwidth or are looking to leverage an expanded, industry-leading data set, Citeline’s FaaS can support you.  Let our team of experts run a comprehensive feasibility analysis that is customized to your specific needs, allowing you to focus less on the manual curation and analyses of data and more on leveraging the actionable insights to drive your strategy.

How it helps

Feasibility analyses require comprehensive data and an abundance of time in order to accurately analyze the content and develop actionable insights to drive strategy.  Tap into our team of dedicated experts to leverage the full portfolio of Citeline solutions and expedite protocol, country and site feasibility activities.

How it works

Citeline consulting experts enable tactical decision-making by applying a strategic framework to validate, benchmark and refine data in order to assess feasibility and deliver a comprehensive report inclusive of data and insights.

What's included
Protocol feasibility

Develop and pressure test your I/E criteria to understand the clinically and demographically relevant patient landscape and if your requirements are realistically recruitable.

Country feasibility

Analyze data on competitive trials, study timelines, enrollment metrics, protocol-matched patient populations and geographic distribution to inform your country selection.

Site feasibility

Prioritize sites within your selected countries that are best positioned to support your trial-based key attributes like protocol-matched patient availability, relevant trial experience and limited competitive trial engagement.

Custom use cases

Interested in exploring a project outside of the use cases mentioned above? Connect with our team of experts to discuss your needs today.

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Our experts
Our data is curated by the industry’s largest team of therapeutically aligned, expert analysts, making Citeline the most trusted source of R&D intelligence on the market.

Our analysis, insight and consultancy services span drug, device, company, clinical trial and market intelligence. And because our approach is interconnected, our analysts can give a broader perspective, identifying disruptive events, and in turn, helping you spot opportunities and mitigate risk.

No other company can boast our level of expertise and we are proud to be able to pass on the benefits of the approach we take to data collection, curation and analysis to our customers.
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