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Clarify your competitive landscape and optimize your positioning to address unmet medical needs.

Together, Pharmaprojects, Biomedtracker and Datamonitor Healthcare form the leading end-to-end intelligence solution designed to help you understand the global drug development pipeline, competitive landscape and the "so what?" of your competitors’ drugs.

  • Know who your competitors are and what they are doing in the market.
  • Assess impact and benchmark events, deals, company movements and patents.
  • Evaluate the future market potential for drugs in the pipeline.
Clarify your competitive landscape and optimize your positioning to effectively address your unmet needs.

Pharmaprojects, Biomedtracker and Datamonitor Healthcare give you all the intelligence and analysis you need with the granular detail you want to make better strategic decisions about your pipeline and portfolio.

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Relevant Products & Services

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Biomedtracker provides analysis of commercial, clinical and regulatory activities as they happen, and present them to you via an easily searchable interface and automated alerts that keep you at the top of your game. Stay ahead of breaking events, the drugs pipeline, upcoming milestones, companies and deals - and their impact on the markets you care about.
Key Benefits
  • Market events and catalysts
  • Deal coverage and comprehensive reports
  • Global patents and exclusivities coverage
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A 360° view of medical device markets, companies and products. Use Meddevicetracker to understand medical device market trends and stay on top of key milestones. Plus, monitor medication delivery technologies and identify partnership opportunities.
Key Benefits
  • Access real-time market intelligence
  • Benchmark your device against your competition
  • Discover emerging technologies and trends
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News & Insights
Providing in-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical industry, in areas including community pharmacies, generics & biosimilars, pharmaceutical regulation & policy, the biopharma, medtech and diagnostic industries, and OTC drugs, cosmetics & dietary supplements.
Key Benefits
  • In-depth global pharmaceutical industry news
  • Strategic industry insight and expert analysis
  • Unparalleled access to data and decision-makers
With a comprehensive database of over 90,000 drug profiles, including 20,000 in active development, Pharmaprojects is the industry standard for tracking and analyzing the global drug R&D landscape. It serves as the trusted reference for the global drug R&D industry pipeline, offering a holistic view from preclinical to launch.
Key Benefits
  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Support BD and licensing activities
  • Monitor vital market trends
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