The leading network of specialized online medical communities

Citeline’s Skipta is the leading network of specialized online medical communities for over 800,000 verified healthcare professionals. Providing the perfect opportunity for pharma marketers, Skipta brings together 25 communities, segmented by specialty and disease area, on a private and secure platform where members access news, clinical data and more. 

Pharmaceutical marketer accessing Skipta's network of healthcare professionals.

Skipta allows pharmaceutical marketers to target the right physicians in a highly valued, information-rich, and trusted setting. It provides multiple routes to engage and educate healthcare providers, helping establish trust and build connections that traditional marketing often cannot. 

How Skipta helps 

Skipta’s network is made up of verified HCP members seek clinically relevant information in communities segmented by specialty and disease area. With Skipta, you can:

  • reach a social network of 800,000+ verified healthcare professionals
  • target HCPs relevant to your brand
  • get your brand noticed by HCPs who are ready to engage

How is Skipta different? 

Skipta does much more than provide a digital marketing platform. It enables engagement and relationship-building. 

What's included
Peer-to-peer collaboration

Skipta is comprised of many tools that allow registered medical professionals to consult, communicate and exchange information in a private, secure platform.

Speciality focused clinical updates

Stay up to date with relevant journal articles and topline summaries. Our medical staff scans hundreds of journal articles and curates the most relevant along with summaries of key clinical findings.

Real-time patient cases 

Consult with colleagues in real time on challenging patient cases - crowdsource diagnoses, gain input on potential treatment options and next steps. Commenters are often randomly selected to earn honoraria for sharing their insights!

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
With more than 400 subject-matter experts in key global markets, Citeline is poised to help life science organizations make informed business decisions. Our expertise runs the full gamut of the drug development life cycle, from clinical planning to regulatory and patient engagement and recruitment.

As a full-service partner, we can add value where it’s needed - at any point in the marketing and sales funnel . We support your in-house marketing teams where they need it most, leaving them to focus on other priorities and to accelerate your marketing capabilities.
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