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Citeline Regulatory & Compliance gives sponsors the information, tools and services they need to maintain clinical trial disclosure compliance, mitigate risk, increase transparency and safeguard their brand reputation.

Our Pink Sheet publication leads the industry in providing reliable insights and analysis of global regulatory policies and trends. TrialScope Disclose is the most widely trusted solution for clinical trial disclosure management. Our Disclosure Services include protocol registration, results disclosure, plain language summaries and redaction.

Relevant Products & Services

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Consulting & Analytics Solutions
Tap into the industry expertise of data analysts and specialized consultants who understand how to translate clinical data into actionable insights that lead to smarter, more strategic business decisions.
Key Benefits
  • Best-in-class data and analytics
  • APIs avaliable across a suite of solutions
  • Custom solutions and bespoke consultancy
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Life Science Marketing Services
Pharma Ignite’s full complement of marketing solutions and services, managed by pharmaceutical industry insiders and a dedicated team of marketing experts, ensures clients hit the mark with their target audience. Areas of specialization include brand awareness, lead generation, in-person events and more, all backed by comprehensive analytics and reporting.
Key Benefits
  • Content curated through our experts
  • Access to key decision-makers
  • Bespoke solutions to meet your needs
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News & Insights
Citeline’s award-winning publications provide in-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical industry, in areas including community pharmacies, generics & biosimilars, pharmaceutical regulation & policy, the biopharma, medtech, diagnostic industries and OTC drugs, cosmetics and dietary supplements.
Key Benefits
  • In-house journalists and analysts
  • Global pharmaceutical industry coverage
  • Ask The Analyst (ATA) service
Regulatory Planning and Strategy
Planning & Strategy
Providing global visibility into disclosure regulations through our world-class suite of TrialScope solutions and services, allowing sponsors to refine their regulatory strategy and transparency plans.
Key Benefits
  • Monitor global disclosure regulations
  • Informing corporate transparency policy
  • Implement inspection ready disclosure
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Regulatory Study Management & Reporting
Plan your study with disclosure in mind. Citeline provides global visibility into disclosure regulations through our TrialScope Intelligence solution, allowing sponsors to refine their regulatory strategy and transparency plans.
Key Benefits
  • Monitor global disclosure regulations
  • Support site selection
  • Author study documents
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