Sitetrove: Diversity Module

The Medicine Maker has nominated Citeline’s Sitetrove Diversity Module for a 2023 Innovation Award. Voting closes March 4.
Optimize your investigator selection and hit your diversity goals faster

A unique combination of the unmatched site and investigator intelligence from Sitetrove and rich, real-world US demographic data to support the recruitment of a diverse patient population for your trial

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Identify therapeutically aligned, demographically diverse, patient populations

Selecting investigators with access to demographically diverse patient populations that align with your recruitment goals is a huge challenge.

What if you could identify available investigators with experience in the relevant disease, who also had access to patient populations that aligned with your Diversity Action Plan, all in one view?

How Sitetrove Diversity Module helps

Hit your diversity goals faster by identifying experienced investigators with clinically relevant and demographically diverse patients.

How Sitetrove Diversity Module works

The Sitetrove Diversity Module includes real world US patient race data, as well as investigator gender data. These new datapoints sit alongside Sitetrove’s uniquely powerful site, investigator and patient data — giving you exactly what you need to identify those investigators who have access to appropriate patient populations and can deliver against your diversity plan and protocol endpoints.

What's included
One-stop solution for patient level race data
- Fully integrated with Citelines’s gold standard trusted site and investigator intelligence platform, Sitetrove
Race data sourced from one of the industry’s most robust RWD datasets
- 300M+ patients, 7000+ hospitals, 5600+ health systems, over 2.1M NPIs
Seamless workflow using patient race data
- Aligned to ~94K investigators, and gender data aligned to ~96K investigators (85% of investigators on Sitetrove)
Key Patient diversity data
- Fulfill FDA diversity requirements for phase III clinical trials (including Diversity Action Plans’ requirements)
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Our experts
Our data is curated by the industry’s largest team of therapeutically aligned, expert analysts, making Citeline the most trusted source of R&D intelligence on the market.

Our analysis, insight and consultancy services span drug, device, company, clinical trial and market intelligence. And because our approach is interconnected, our analysts can give a broader perspective, identifying disruptive events, and in turn, helping you spot opportunities and mitigate risk.

No other company can boast our level of expertise and we are proud to be able to pass on the benefits of the approach we take to data collection, curation and analysis to our customers.
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